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Secure payments using your major
credit card or for PAYPAL, click
the link above.

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Payment Via PAYPAL

Click the PAYPAL icon above to pay using your credit card.  Or contact us at for other options.

-Use as the recipient's email for your PAYPAL payment email.

-PAYPAL's E-Commerce solutions are simple, private, and provide our clients with an alternate
secure payment option.  Each payment creates a binding and traceable receipt of the transaction
for your records.

-Any questions or problems regarding PAYPAL, please contact their customer service directly at:

-For all other payment and billing issues please contact
We ensure U.S. medical placement for all qualified candidates.
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Due to our fees associated with credit card processing, you may also be eligible for a
discounted fee (up to $100 off) if you pay with a money order or bank check.  For
more information email